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CLS Studio Inc. is a multi disciplinary firm that combines a multitude of services allowing our clients’ visions to come to life. Our services include everything from architecture to interior design to sustainability consulting. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to make sure projects are designed, constructed and managed to meet their goals. Below is an overview of each service.

Managing Building Certifications


Looking to certify your interior space or building but not sure which certification best suits your needs and goals?

We’re here to help! We first meet with you to determine the best certification to align with your goals. Then we manage and oversee the entire building certification process from project kick-off all the way to receiving you certification. We take care of everything.

Bespoke Sustainability Strategies


We understand that not everyone wants to pursue a certification for their space or building, nor is it necessary to make your building environmentally-friendly or healthy for its occupants.

We work with you to determine your values and goals for your project; whether it be an interior space, building or an entire community; and develop a strategy that is tailored to optimize the project. We oversee the project design and construction to ensure the strategy is implemented throughout.

For example, we developed a strategy for a community that allows the client to implement the strategy from a macro to a micro scale, ranging from urban planning, to buildings, to interior spaces.

Sustainability Specifications


Spec writers! Want to incorporate sustainable elements into your specs but don’t know where to begin or what to include? Not to worry, that’s our specialty!

We work with you to ensure all sustainable design requirements are included into your specifications, this includes anything from reviewing all your hard-spec’d materials to construction waste requirements. We work with project-specific and master specs.

Sustainable Material Research & Evaluation


Want to make your space healthy and environmentally-friendly but don’t know where to begin? First step is materiality.

For designers and architects, we provide an in depth overview of materials selected for your project and make recommendations for healthier and more sustainable materials. For homeowners looking for a home facelift, we provide all the healthy and sustainable materials for you based on your design aesthetic.

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