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Diana Lovatsis
Partner | Lead Interior Designer & Sustainability Consultant

Coming from both an interior design and sustainable buildings background, Diana sees the built environment through a completely different lens. From an interior design perspective, she loves the art of problem solving in a 3D manner.

Throughout her career as a designer it became evident that she had a passion for construction and detailing to make spaces come to life. There’s no corner of a space that hasn’t been thought through. She values craftsmanship and carefully thought out material selections. She believes that every element of a design should have a purpose.

Joe Caricari
Partner | Lead Architect

Joe Caricari, a founding Partner, focuses on creating better-built environments through practical, enduring, and holistic principles.

Each project is unique and starts with a collaborative, design-oriented approach with various stakeholders, consultants and design teams to ensure all facets of development are integrated into a successful solution.

Joe is responsible for maintaining key relationships and overall oversite throughout every stage of the project.

David Lee
Partner | Lead Architect

David Lee is a founding Partner of CLS Studio. He is an award winning graduate of the University of Toronto School of Architecture with over 25 years of experience in multi-unit residential, mixed-use and commercial projects.

David’s hands on approach to design with careful attention to detail and creativity has garnered longstanding trusted relationships with his clients ranging from developers, educational and commercial clients. In addition to the passion, dedication and knowledge he brings to the office, David is an OAA mentor.

Michele Vig
Office Manager

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